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Discussing worlds through the lens.

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Photographers- Artforum is a nation built around the topic of - big surprise - photography and digital art creation. Nation citizens primarily contribute to the community by sharing and discussing their photography & digital art projects and essays. Interesting discussions also happen around seeded articles when they relate to techniques or best practices.

UPDATE: The line has blurred between digital photography and digital illustration. We are now expanding to include original digital art work that does not start with a photo.

Please see NVP Code of Honor for additional details on content/conduct guidelines of this nation or contact an administrator with specific questions.

Have a question, want to interact more with the community, make a presentation, or help select photos to feature from the photo contests? The Photographers nation meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:00 - 8:00 Central Standard Time. Click on the below link to attend. A headset is recommended: - or

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